12th Annual Edelbrock Car Show & Charity Event

With a 40 percent chance of showers and strong wind gusts for Saturday’s forecast, one might think that alone would deter enthusiasts. However, we weren’t too surprised to see everyone who managed to make the 12th Annual Edelbrock Car Show & Charity Event!

Saturday, May 6, 2017 The weather ended up practically perfect with little wind gusts here and there along with a very tiny sprinkling of rain. People from all over the nation were in attendance. For the locals, this event often marks the beginning of the many warm Southern California evenings ahead when roadsters drive to car meets to show off their four-wheeled beloveds.

As we finished setting up to show off our own pride and joys, the event kicked off with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The crowd quickly grew silent in respect for that always special patriotic moment. As always, the song was completed with applause and hooting and hollering of a well-pleased crowd.

With great weather, this day was quite a day, not just for enthusiasts, but also for the community! North of our booth was Vic’s Garage, home to Vic Edelbrock’s favorite cars and open to the public for the event. The collection is quite an ensemble, which you can view here: http://edelbrockfamilyfoundation.org/vics-garage/

Our gift basket was welcomed with open arms and joined the other prizes up for grabs with a winning raffle ticket. Money raised from this event went to the American Cancer Society. Just a little south of the Voxx vendor booth was the giant Hot Rodders of Tomorrow trailer. The Edelbrock car show hosts this event with colleges offering 15 million dollars in scholarship money to Hot Rodders of Tomorrow participants!

It wasn’t too long before the air filled up with the aroma of several fired up grills and sounds of local radio stations on one end of the event and then a live band at the other end where the majority of food vendors were located.

Along with other industry vendors, we took to one side of the street with our booth and company classic car: the infamous red El Camino by Vöxx. We’re sure our owner would love to know that his classic ride was definitely a neck breaker. Countless passersby would stop for pictures and admire the stunner.

On the other side of the vendors and throughout the parking lots, the streets were lined up with classic roadsters, coupes, sedans, sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and even one-of-a-kinds.

It makes perfect sense that owners would want to show off their jewels with all the love and energy (time and money!) that goes into them! Parts, paint, and labor for a restoration could easily cost an owner tens of thousands of dollars. If you like math, that could easily be millions of dollars of work in a single car show! The end result is truly so inspiring and motivating and is always a treat to see these rolling masterpieces in all their glory!

It was truly a great day!

We hope to be a part of the Edelbrock Car Show & Charity Event next year!