Vöxx® Products was started in 1996 because of the strong demand for quality products at affordable prices. Vöxx® embarked on this voyage because of an industry shift to offshore wheel manufacturing. With over 25 years of previous industry experience, the management team at Vöxx® gathered a core group of clients, channeled their enthusiasm for the automotive industry, and further developed wheel manufacturing knowledge. We are proud to announce, as of 2015, we are in our 19th year of business. Throughout this time the industry, competition, and the manufacturing process has changed; however, the core critical points that helped build Vöxx® remain the same. Customer service and support remain at the heart of our daily operations. It’s our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction in all business activities. Without satisfied customers, there is no need for the services we offer. Today, we have many of the same customers our founder serviced in his first year of business. Our customers rely on our president’s experience gained from over 47 years in the industry.

Vöxx® Products is an asset to the wheel industry. We have represented the aftermarket automotive industry at national conferences in Washington D.C., gave input in writing the original J2530 testing specifications, and worked with the SEMA Wheel & Tire Council for other industry-related changes. These achievements illustrate a commitment to improve both our company and the entire industry.

In 2009, Vöxx® expanded beyond tuner and European passenger product and created the GFX® brand of wheels to position it as an entry-level brand for Passenger, ATV, SUV, light truck and off road vehicles. In addition, we added variety to our market offering by developing the B/G® Rod Works brand to service hot rods & modern muscle car applications. During this time Vöxx® also began our private label program to help our customers’ better meet their marketing objectives. In 2014 we decided to further supplement our line and introduced golf cart wheels into our brand. We take pride in our growth and continuously servicing the needs and requests of our loyal customers.

Vöxx® Products offers a variety of wheel finishes including: chrome, flat (matte/satin), gloss, and fully machined. We also offer a wide range of sizes from 10” to 26” to help retailers and distributors meet the needs of the ever-growing, forever-changing, aftermarket custom wheel industry.