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Rims or Wheels: What’s the difference?

Rims or Wheels… To wheel or not to wheel, that is the question!


This is Tim.

Let’s say Tim wanted to modify his new ride to look a little different than what he originally rolled out of the dealership with.


He really appreciates the streamline of the body,

but notices that the rims (or was it wheels?) could use a little sprucing up.

Tim wants to sound legit when inquiring about the new wheels (or was it rims?),

so he refers to them in both ways when the sales guy approaches him.

  “Welcome! Can I help you find anything?”

                “Um sure! I got a new car and would love to see what options I had for a new set of rims!”

                “I’d be happy to help you with that! Do you have any idea of what look you’re going for?”

                “I’d love for my wheels to be all black!”

                “Perfect! Let’s go look at your car and I’ll get some options for you to look over.”

Ok, so maybe it’s not that important, because either way, Tim will get helped.

But just in case you were wondering…

Technically, the same way a collar is a part of a shirt, a rim is a part of a wheel.

A wheel is compromised of a few parts: a hub (hence hub caps), spokes, and our good old friend, rim.

So is there a difference?


However, to us wheel fanatics, who are fluent in wheel; if you call them rims or wheels, we’ll understand.

Wheelie 🙂

Submitted by: Dana Burks

Images: vector.me, deviantart.net, colourbox.com