Vöxx At Bimmerfest 2017 (June 3-4, 2017)

The Vöxx team had a blast hanging out at 2017 Bimmerfest!

By 9am early Saturday morning, our team was ready to welcome the expected 2,000+ people at the 2017 Bimmerfest event.  

Not shown are our pretty cool sales guys! We gotta get them in front of the camera next time!

With our little popcorn machine popping and our impressive setup with this year’s wheel line up, it wasn’t long before we had our first visitors at our booth.

Throughout the day, the guys were pretty busy answering questions and handing out goodies.  We met whole families to die hard enthusiasts of all walks of life.

While this event was pretty much local for us, it drew in enthusiasts from all over the nation, and even Canada (See Bimmerfest stats here)!

The whole event was located right smack in the middle of the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.

About ten food trucks lined up the back-alley behind the pit road.  Artisan gourmet burgers, Hawaiian shaved ice, and even some healthy choices were amongst the many options available.  The majority of the food truck vendors accepted credit card payments so you didn’t have to worry about carrying cash or going to the ATM. 

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA

In the parking lots, there were areas where people could “wheel and deal” car parts.

Other vendors were located in the same two lane alley that we were set up in.  This area is usually marked for motor coach parking.

We had popcorn, giveaways, and awesome vibes, of course!  

Other vendor booths had beautiful spokesmodels, their own giveaways, and some had popcorn, as well!   There was also a DJ or two in the midst of it all. 


Our efforts remained futile as we could never fully take away the spotlight from the main attraction of the event:  BIMMERS (Galore!)


Thanks, IG @jspremium for this footage from Bimmerfest!

Besides the schedule of events, vehicles on display were the main attraction as they were parked around their company or sponsor booths and around the VIP areas.

Just one glance around and you would’ve most likely caught people taking pictures of their friends or themselves with a vehicle on display as if it were a celebrity;

Caught wind of a person or two making plans for their own vehicles from being inspired by the event;

And maybe even felt the excitement of people that just noticed a modified Bimmer they never thought possible!

From classics to intricate modifications, there were nearly 900 Bimmers either on display or participating in races or contests.

This year’s categories of the Battle of the Bimmers included:

  • Clean, Classic,
  • Modified Non-M,
  • Modified M,
  • Best Mini,
  • Rising Star,
  • Best Female,
  • Best of Show,
  • Highest Mileage BMW,
  • Furthest Driven to Bimmerfest, and
  • Furthest Traveled to Bimmerfest.

Our good friend Eric Burks was able to capture the event for us here:

If you’re a Bimmer fan, and you missed this year’s event…

Hopefully, we’ll see you next year!