Vöxx Products started in 1995 because of the strong demand for quality wheels at affordable prices. Vöxx embarked on this voyage because of an industry shift to offshore wheel manufacturing. With 28 years of previous industry experience, the management team at Vöxx gathered a core group of clients, channeled their enthusiasm for the automotive industry, and further developed wheel man­ufacturing knowledge. We are proud to announce, as of 2023, we are in our 28th year of business. Throughout this time the industry, competition, and manufacturing process have changed; however, the core critical points that helped build Vöxx remain the same.

Customer service and support remain at the heart of our daily operations. It’s our goal to have 100% customer satisfaction in all business activities. Without satisfied customers, there is no need for us or the services we offer. Today, we continue to provide products to many of the same companies our founder serviced in his first year of business. Our customers rely on our management’s experience gained from over 50 years in the tire and wheel industry.

Vöxx offers wheels manufactured in various countries and from various construction methods like flow formed, forged, and one-piece casting (low pressure, static, and tilt gravity). Our in-house design and marketing departments tailor specific product design and marketing programs to help distributors and retailers meet the needs of the ever-growing, forever-changing, aftermarket custom wheel industry.

With offices in Asia, we oversee product development and production to assure all finished goods meet the standards of both SAE-J2530 and VMS (Voxx Manufacturing Standards) assuring our customers receive the timely delivery and quality they expect. Voxx offers warehousing and distribution options as well, with distribution facilities in various USA locations.

Thank you for taking a look at what Vöxx Products is all about and we invite you to contact us for any further information on how we can help build another wonderful wheel industry partnership, with your company. 

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